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Albanian Case Over Corruption and Gambling. 2006-01-01
A group of Albanian immigrants, not only were in connection with gambling operations in New York City, but also taking over gambling operations previously controlled by the Italian mafia. The case, which is going into its third month in a federal trial, will show through tracking the group�s activities what actually transpired. So far they have found that the crime organization committed additional violent crimes, through this association.
Defendant, Nikola Dedaj, the gangs head, took control of the Italian mob families in territory in NYC. The gang called themselves �The Corporation,� was able to take over territory including John Gottis legendary table at a particular restaurant. The indictment was made in October 2004, but the group has been active since 1990.
The group controlled the city, by threatening of violence for places involved in gambling, or forced them to pay them for their protection services. They have been charged, for racketeering, attempted murder, and operating of illegal gambling business. Their defense lawyers are willing to admit that they took part in the gambling aspect of the charge, but they deny that the group is considered a gang. The group was caught in Astoria, during an incident with an Italian group.
The closing arguments for the case will be held today. It will be then that hopefully a verdict can be reached, and these men can pay for their crimes. No one denies they took part in some crime, but what that crime is up to jurors.
(By Andrea)