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Las Vegas Brings In A Posh New Years Eve. 2005-12-29
Sin City is making New Years a whole weekend celebration. They may have the reputation for fun, but visitors �aint seen nothing yet�. Actually it is the holiday season which makes Vegas really light up.
Celebrities are heading to Las Vegas to put on the biggest party of the year for New Years Eve. Celebrations will begin on December 30th at the newest nightclub at The Mirage. The next night, another nightclub, Jet, is opening its doors. They are planning is 24-hour birthday party, which coincides with New Year's Eve!
Kid Rock is scheduled to host the all-night festivities at the club on New Years Eve as a D.J. The club�s three rooms will offer hip-hop, rock, and house/dance music. All reservations are $300 per person, with a $200 for general admission. Each table will offer a bottle of Dom Perignon for a table of six. New Years is fancy in the city, and not cheap. The club opens its doors at 10 pm Saturday Eve.
(By Andrea)