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One Out Of Three Can�t Be Bad. 2005-12-29
Three men, know as the �Casino Gang� robbed two women and a man at Villa Angsana Condominium in Jalan Krian. The men committed the crime on Tuesday morning before they went gambling at Genting Highlands. One of them was arrested 12 hours after the incident.
The trio, were given this name as the �Casino Gang,� because of their gambling spree. The men, earlier in the day, forced a man to take them to his girlfriend�s apartment. When they got there, the woman opened the door to let her boyfriend in. It was then two of the robbers
When the woman opened her front door to let her boyfriend in; two of the robbers pointed a Malaysian type knife, known as a parang at the woman, and them themselves in. They made it clear that they wanted money, and tied the couple up, as they went through the home. While searching the home the found the woman�s roommate, and also tied her up.
Not satisfied with the RM17, 000 and valuables worth about RM4, 000 found in the home, they forced their victims to reveal their ATM PIN numbers. Two of the robbers left with the male victim, as the other man guarded the two women. The men took the woman�s Honda CRV, and, at a gas station, and forced the victim out of the car. He was then taken to another car, a Proton Wira, and was locked in the trunk of the car. Both cars were then driven off, where they went to the Genting casino, and gambled there for many hours.
Around 4am, the robbers forced the man out of the trunk of the car, where they beat him up. This attack caused serious injuries to the man chest, while the women at home suffered mild injuries from resisting the robbery. After the man was taken from the trunk, and beat he was put back in the trunk, and driven back to the apartment complex at noon the next day.
The robbers entered once again, and spent another 10 minutes looking around for other valuables, before leaving. The victims then untied themselves, and contacted the authorities. It was from a tip off they found themselves at Genting Highlands where they found the stolen Honda CRV.
The police were able to arrest one suspect, led police to a public place where he kept firearms, and ammunition. They were the same weapons that were taken from two security guards some time ago. Police have their suspicions on who the suspects are, but still need to investigate that guess.
(By Andrea)