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Card Room Decision Finalized. 2005-12-28
Card rooms have now been officially banned in Kenmore. These rooms are out after a public hearing on Monday night, voted to boot them out of the city. The Kenmore City Council has been preparing for this vote for sometime now, and was unclear if they wanted card rooms to remain, or boot them out of the city once and for all.
In the end they voted against card rooms because it would help city zoning codes if they were gone. The vote ended at 5-1 against one card room, the 11th Frame. This card room currently operates at the Kenmore Lanes bowling alley.
It seems that this one business was the central focus of entire fall council elections. After all in 1998 the city put a freeze on card room development, and was challenged in 1999 to change that all. Len Greisel wanted to open his own card room, so he took the matter to court. The King County Superior Court ruled that the city either had to allow all applications, or ban them neither of which they did. Now they have decided to ban them once and for all.
(By Andrea)