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Ballot Could List Non- Tribal Casino. 2005-12-28
Tribal casinos have been the only types of casinos that have been set up in Portland that may be until now. It seems that two wealthy Portland men have filed their own petition for their own casino, and it is not for a tribal one. They are preparing to build the first non-tribal casino in the area, but they need so help and time before this petition could be realized.
Bruce Studer and Matt Rossman have until this upcoming July to gather signatures in favor of a $490 million gambling and entertainment complex they hope to create in Oregon. If there are enough signatures on the petition then the proposal will be placed on the November 2006 ballot. This initiative is dependent upon a change in Oregon's constitution, which has only allowed tribal casinos before. Studer and Rossman hope to have the first non-tribal casino to make it in the state hopefully after a new law permits them to do so.
Lottery machines already exist in many of Oregon's restaurants and bars, with owners making profits off of it. It is because of this that The Oregon Restaurant Association is most likely to oppose this casino proposal. Oregon's tribes will also oppose the casino proposal, because it will mean a competition with their casinos. However, if approved, the casino will be built near Portland, creating more jobs for residents.
If all goes well, Studer and Rossman are willing to spend as much as $8 million just to make sure this idea gets on the ballot. That will most likely mean financial backing, but from where no one knows. It is rumored that the two are looking for owners within Oregon to help them with their campaign.
(By Andrea)