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Red Wind Closes After Water Break. 2005-12-27
Red Wind Casino closed Tuesday afternoon after a water pump failed. Employees and guest were evacuated due to this fact. The water pipe failing resulted in an unsafe drop in water pressure, and people couldn�t remain in the building. The casino relies on the facility�s fire sprinkler system, and without water they couldn�t have that option available, which made the building a possible hazard.
Cunningham hopes to reopen the casino after testing the plumbing system. So far they have discovered that there is no water damage, but they had to evacuate the building just for safety reasons. The pump is located outside the casino, so there couldn�t be any internal damage.
In the evacuation process, 150 and 180 customers and about 100 employees were made to leave the casino. Red Wind Casino apologizes for any inconvenience, but safety came first. Now everything is ok, and it is safe to come back to the casino, but at the time they needed to keep in mind the people in the building. It was a wise decision, but the casino still needed to apologize for the inconvenience.
(By Andrea)