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Clooney�s Casino Dreams Still Dreams. 2005-12-25
Some celebrities like to get into business, especially when it comes to Las Vegas. That is the case with George Clooney, he wants a new casino, and he wants to be the one to plan its construction. Although he submitted the plans some time ago, there is still no word as if it will be constructed.
The casino is still meant to be built in Las Vegas, but no other word has been given about this since. The goal was for Clooney, along with Brad Pitt and Cindy Crawford's husband Rande Gerber to construct a $3 billion Las Vegas Casino. However with a standstill in the construction process, there may not be a Clooney casino.
The Ocean's 11 star thought about this as he, and co-stat Pitt were filming the movie, this was also when he met Gerber. It was then that they started talking about possibilities for a slightly classier casino. The problems began when other casinos planned to build in the same location as Clooney�s casino.
Permits were part of that problem. This would allow them to start building, but they never got the chance, and rumors say never will. Some say never say never, but at the moment Clooney doesn�t have the pushing power to make his casino a reality.
(By Andrea)