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Casino Proposal Offends Kiev Residents 2006-06-21
Members of the City Council in Kiev, Ukraine have authorized the purchase of a plot of land by investment company Terra Capital, for the development of a casino.
The plot lies adjacent to the Ukrainian Catholic Church's new Cathedral and church officials are arguing that this is an illegal agreement, as the church had previously requested to build a secondary school on the plot, but their proposal was rejected by Kiev City Council.
Cardinal Lubomyr Husar of Kiev Halych, Head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church was quoted as saying that the proposed casino plan is an offence to members of the churchs' religious beliefs. He argued that the community would benefit more from a new school rather than a gambling establishment.
The Cardinal expressed that although he understood the casino was given approval for financial reasons, he added that not everything should be measured in financial terms. The Cardinal is in possession of a petition signed by over a thousand Kiev residents who are against the plans of the proposed casino.
(By Cindy)