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A Very Meowy Christmas. 2005-12-25
Part of travel preparation is knowing that everything will be taken care of while you are away. Some of those worries are who is going to feed your plants, collect your mail, and take care of your pet. Now days, dogs have places to go, while one is a way, but cats did not, that was until now. Now if you are on your way out of town, you need not worry because your cat will have its own vacation. Tulsa, Oklahoma offers a feline bed and breakfast.
The Catnip Cottage is a place to send that pet, when you are off on your own trip. Over Christmas there are already 35 cats staying there. Some are traveling to see family, while others may spend time in Las Vegas. Whether you are out of town eating a holiday feast, or rolling the dice in Vegas, you can feel that their cat is safe, and also having a good time.
The concept came about from a woman Sara Sparks and her mother. They opened the small home over a year ago, and it was been a concept that has caught on. A home for cats away from home, all set with a gift shop. Each room has a kitty cat theme, with suits from $17-$25 a night. It seems to be a purrfect solution for the cat, and its owner.
(By Andrea)