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Fighting The Smoking Ban. 2005-12-22
The American Gaming Association will fight this next year to stop the ban against smoking in casinos. The Association´┐Żs Chief Executive, Frank Fahrenkopf, is afraid tat smoking bans will hurt his business. Gamblers he claims prefer to smoke, and they will not accept this ban.
The American Gaming Association is hoping that casinos will adopt improved air filtration systems that will eat up the smoke, and fresh air can be replaced. The association is working with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers to create an alternative so that everyone can be happy. They hope that by the first of the year they can be able to push their case further.
Casinos, bars, convenience stores and other venues are facing an antismoking ballot initiative next year in Nevada that would prevent smoking in these public places. The initiative, called the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act, is sponsored by health organizations such as; the American Cancer Society. Antismoking petitions and legislation are making their way across the states and are creating a problem for those places where smokers frequent. Nevada will have to face their own issues on this matter next year.
(By Andrea)