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Bad Luck For Betting Shop. 2005-12-15
A betting shop in Marlow has been the target of an armed robber twice in the space of four days, and because of that it could be the same fellow. At first the staff was shaken from what had happened, but soon recovered. By the time they had started to recover they were hit again. On Wednesday November 30th they were hit, and by that following Sunday they had been hit again.
The betting shop was held up by a man with a handgun, who stole cash, and escaped. A man believed to be the same robber, did the same thing once again a few days later. Witnesses say the man seemed to be in his late 20s to early 30s and was wearing dark clothing.
The President of Marlow Chamber of Commerce Jo Braybrook was nervous that by being hit twice, people would not want to come to them any longer. Its nerve wrecking that the police are doing their jobs, Braybrook commented. Police now are on the look out, and hoping citizens will help them find this man once and for all.
(By Andrea)