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American Issue: Online Gambling. 2005-12-15
An online poll site has dared to ask the question about what the American public thinks about online casinos, and if they should be legalized in America? Apparently, 67% of Americans surveyed supported U.S. companies running online casinos. It is a big money maker after all, and some would like to join in the action.
Online gambling makes around $10 billion in worldwide revenues, America hasn�t been able to touch on any of that. Analysts believe that around $1.8 billion in tax revenues could have been collected by U.S. government if only they had legalized options to run online casinos. While some had mixed feelings the over all feeling is that online gambling should be an American project as well.
33.7% of the surveyed participants felt that U.S. companies should have online gambling as a legal option, even if they wouldn�t play at them. 33.9% say they actually play at them, and enjoy it. The survey showed that most Americans would prefer the option for legal play in their country. In fact, they would hope that there would be U.S.-based casinos, as they�d feel more secure in playing at their own country�s casinos. The people have spoken, and they feel their opinions should matter, and it not be a US policy for regulation. After all, they believe this is the Internet, and it crosses over the US borders, and shouldn�t be in the hands of anyone.
(By Andrea)