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Craig�s Bond Is Neither Shaken Nor Stirred. 2005-12-14
The whole talk of Hollywood is movies and actors. Before a movie even comes out, people are always talking about if it will be good, and how the actor did, when no one has even seen the movie. That is the case of one film, and one new actor. In fact, everyone is betting on one particular film, and actor.
007 has been played since in the 1960�s- to today by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and brief time with Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan. All have seen fame with their dark handsome portrayals of the British spy, but since Brosnan�s step down no one was sure of the survival of the series. After all, someone already only truly great and established could play this man. Then it was announced that an unknown blonde Daniel Craig got the part. All of the sudden everyone agrees that 077 will go down with a bang, and not in a good way.
In fact, the new film Casino Royale is still in production. Craig is the talk of the town, more of how reinventing Bond will be the end of him. One betting source claims after one film Craig will be gone at a rate of 10/1.
Who knows if that will be the case? People will just have to wait to watch this film to know if it will fail, and if the actor will be cut. In the mean time people should look past the stereotypes, and watch Craig and the film with an open mind.
(By Andrea)