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Betting On Pop Princess Leaving The Frog. 2005-12-13
Sports books and other bet makers like to make predictions about the future, even when it comes to celebrities. It isn�t anything new that Britney Spears is one of those celebs that is always talked about from her scandalous pop age, to quickie marriages, and the birth of a child. While many love her, some either want to tear her down, or predict how long it will take before she tears herself down.
It is no secret in tabloid news Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline are facing some chaotic times. Most may say it was a matter of time, but for sports books, and bet makers this is a prize opportunity to bet on the breakup. Odds look high, and bidders are putting their money down.
Kevin's inability to settle down shouldn�t have been new for Spears, who caught him out of the arms of Shar Jackson, the mother of his daughter Kori, while she was pregnant with his son Kaleb. What the naive Spears doesn�t know, and maybe bet makers knew too well is that once a no good person, always a no good person. Since the birth of Spears baby boy, Sean Preston, things have been problematic. Since then, bet makers have had their pens and notebooks ready to take odds and bets.
Today�s bet isn�t if their will be a split, but what would happen in case of one, primarily with the Spears-Federline kid. The big bet is that in a custody split Spears would be favored 2 to 1 to take the kid and run. For Federline, the odds are 20-1, maybe because not a celeb, but maybe because he could neglect the kid. However, some feel that other mothers could do the job even better than Spears. It is a 5-1 race for Spears�s mother to raise the kid, and a 30-1 that Shar Jackson takes custody of the child to reunite him with half siblings.
It�s sad, sad, sad, when betting on tragedy is a source of fun. However, inquiring minds would like to know when this real trashy marriage will come to and end. Spears it seems can�t be taken seriously when linked to this clown.
(By Andrea)