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College For Casino Dealers. 2005-12-13
Dealers need to be trained before they can deal out cards. No one ever asks where, but after some investigation, it was discovered that there is a college especially for this. The Casino College trains these dealers out of their Sacramento-based school.
The school specializes in poker, blackjack, and other games. So far there are 11 locations where this school holds class. The school was created, because with more and more casinos popping up, there weren�t enough dealers to fill the space.
The California Department of Employment estimates that there will be 2600 new casino dealer openings by next year. Currently, the college is operating at two locations in Sacramento, two in Michigan, two in Mississippi, and one each in Seattle, Detroit, Merced, Atlanta, and Memphis. One is scheduled to open in San Jose, and hopefully others soon in Fresno, Los Angeles, Oklahoma, and Florida.
The Casino College, started five years ago, as part of a chain similar to The National Bartending College. Casino College graduates are then sent out to casinos and card rooms throughout the country. Most are concentrated in California, because of the demand for them.
Instructors have wide experience themselves. The have been dealers, pit bosses, and floor managers in major casinos and other local card rooms. Many have experience in the Southwest areas of California, Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe etc.
Casino dealers make lots of money, when it comes to tips. They can start out making $50,000 a year in tips alone, not to mention great benefits and the opportunities for advancement. Currently, there are about 150 students are enrolled in this area. There are total of about 3,000 graduates to date.
The tuition for learning to deal poker is $599 for 80-90 hours; blackjack $299 for 40 hours. The school encourages the students to know both to enhance their possibilities of getting hired. Those who take both courses get a reduction in tuition, and some can even get free tuition. The length of the course is up to the individual.
(By Andrea)