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Finding A Solution For Problem Gamblers. 2005-12-12
Very few states can claim to have what the state of Illinois has, when it comes to responsible gambling at their casinos. Illinois casinos offer responsible gambling in the form of allowing the problematic gamblers decide for themselves if they want to continue to suffer, or seek help. They do this by allowing the gambler to decide if they want to play, or excuse themselves from state casinos.
This exclusion allows players with the opportunity to identify the fact that they have a problem, and here they can start the healing process by keeping themselves away from the casinos. By putting themselves on this self-exclusion list, this helps them in case they decide to try to sneak back in to a casino. By doing this, they won�t be able to come back in, because of this list. The casino in a sense is their sponsors for help.
This idea is maintained by the Illinois�s Gaming Board. In fact, the Illinois Gaming Board will only extend gambling licenses for next three-years for those who are part of this system. They have also asked that casinos provide monthly reports, which include the gamblers on these self-exclusion lists. Illinois is making sure there is some responsibility when it comes to playing.
(By Andrea)