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Caribbean In Charge Of Online Gambling. 2005-12-11
Antigua, despite pressure from the US, will continue developing its Internet gambling industry. The United States will continue to prohibit the practice. Unfortunately they have no say on how the island handles their own affairs.
Finance Minister Dr. Errol Cort claims that despite the backlash from the US, 10 new online gambling companies will open on the Caribbean island next year. Currently, there are 14 that have operating licenses. These new companies are a big thing, as they will bring it 500 new jobs and more than US$2 million in gambling license fees.
The US has been unhappy with Internet gambling, because it violates some US state laws. Antigua & Barbuda knows that the US position seems contrary to global trade rules. The World Trade Organization, which has been approached by Antigua and Barbuda, has yet to rule on the matter.
Apparently, no US federal law prohibits gambling, because it is regulated by individual state law. In many states, gambling has its own restrictions whether for or against the matter. In 1996, US lawmakers first sought to control Internet gambling, since they haven�t been able to control what the islands do.
(By Andrea)