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Billionaire Takes GM Leadership Role. 2005-12-08
Kirk Kerkorian, who became a billionaire by good investments and sales. By selling casinos, airlines and auto companies at a profit, made him where he is today. He is looking to invest in other venues. It looks like he may get a shot at helping General Motors Corp. Apparently they have been at their lowest point in 13 years, and could use the help.
GM, the world's biggest automaker, spoke with Kekorian just yesterday about a deal. If he comes onboard here he may become the director. Apparently the entire company is replacing people to make the business better than it has been. The company has been in trouble for four straight quarterly losses, the longest since 1992.
Kerkorian began buying GM shares in April, and now that has paid off. He may save this company once and for all. After all his leadership and new money could take the dying company and put it back on its feet.
(By Andrea)