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Not Contacting The Authorities. 2005-12-07
SkyCity Casino in Adelaide has been investigated over its negligence in not reporting a man who had been seen taking drugs on its premises. This happened during a function held by Port Adelaide Football Club, the Independent Gambling Authority (IGA). Of course they have decided not to discipline the casino, after all this.
SkyCity Casino's surveillance footage showed that the man was ignored. If seemed that the security staff did not want to ruin relations between the casino and the Football club, so they let it slide. Despite the evidence the IGA still reported it all, including to Gambling Commissioner Bill Pryor. Michael Silberling, the casino's new General Manager, has shown regret for not informing police, but has ensured everyone it will not happen again.
The IGA does not believe that anything more can be done or said in this situation with regards to this matter. MLC Nick Xenophon of �No Pokies,� an organization prompted by poker machines, says their non-admission was wrong. South Australia is suffering with other issues, and can�t afford bad press, but they should have taken responsibility by contacting the authorities.
(By Andrea)