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Ontario Agencies Not Helping Charities. 2005-12-07
Ontario charities may not be getting all the proceeds they're owed from bingo halls and local raffles because the province doesn't properly oversee how they're run. Ontario's Alcohol and Gaming Commission regulates gambling activities, even though they don�t have to regulate it all. Municipalities issue close to 95%of charitable gaming licenses there, but it is not being watched over.
However, the commission should inspect whether charities are receiving what they should. Their fair share of hundreds of millions of dollars in wagers is made annually, but they may not be getting any of this if it isn�t being monitored carefully. If that is not the case then someone will have to be libel for this mishap.
The commission believes it does not have the authority to oversee municipal licensing activities. Of course they need to be reminded that, that is their place. In 2003 alone, charities were to receive $246 million out of the $1.6 billion wagered in Ontario. It was because of this that an auditor had to investigate. When they did, they identified instances where financial records weren't kept and bingo or raffle tickets were not even defaced to prevent re-use.
The auditor suggested that the commission execute procedures for distributing information with municipalities when it comes to charity gaming, and produce ongoing assessments. Apparently no one seems to know their place and can not act accordingly. No one is nervous about illegal activity; they are just concerned that things will get worse before gets better, if no one takes control.
(By Andrea)