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Tribal Rules For Arizona. 2005-12-06
It is no secret that Arizona Sen. John McCain is more for casino limiting, and definitely against expansion. It is because of his stance that he has introduced legislation limiting Indian casinos to tribes' home states.
What that means is preventing other tribes from crossing stateliness to build casinos. They are essentially taking other tribes historic lands to build casinos. The in fact they are leaving their own reservations empty. It is because of this that Indian gaming is a multi- billion dollar business. In fact it is a $19 billion per year business in the U.S. and will all these little tricks could be more at the expense of other tribes.
These tribes have in the past done so by making past claims on historic lands near populated centers, where casinos would be lucrative. The tribes to do this are actually working with corporate gaming firms to make these claims. The McCain bill would limit Native American casinos to one place, a tribe's home state, and no further.
The Senator chairs the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, and leads a research panel on the matter. State voters approved the ballot question of 2002, which allowed Arizona expansion. The expansion was only clear of the sale of gaming rights, and operation. The new bill will help control expansion within the state, if at all.
(By Andrea)