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Policies Aren�t Clear For Anti-Gambling Issue. 2005-12-06
Anti-gambling groups are trying to fight for another chance. They have fought to stop expanded gambling at Oaklawn Park and the Southland Greyhound Park, but it didn�t work the first time, and due to this they are taking their fight to court. They are suing the state in Crittenden County, and are additionally preparing a lawsuit for Garland County.
It was only last month that local voters approved "electronic games of skill" for the Hot Springs Horse Track and the West Memphis Dog Track. Gambling opponents failed to convince voters of their plans. Those cities didn�t favor going against extra gaming, because of that the court system for help.
In a lawsuit, the Family Council said legislators were wrong in their movements. They gave the tracks the option of limiting the ballot to residents of Hot Springs and West Memphis, and they shouldn�t have done so. They believed that the Garland and Crittenden counties, where the tracks are located should have had a say if not a major say.
(By Andrea)