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Bucks County is Trying To Fix Gambling. 2005-12-06
Bucks County�s State Rep. Paul Clymer has not been interested in gambling, and that is no secret. In fact he has tried to do everything in bringing it down in his state. Clymer has been adamant of this fact that he has attached his name to a lawsuit.
In his lawsuit, he publicly denounced the legalization of slots, and even sent letters to the gambling control board arguing their policies on the matter. That is not all, because Clymer has also written his own bill. His bill is supposed to remove gambling altogether. Clymer as a Republican claims that it is about time to bring awareness to the people.
He feels that it is more possible to get this done since Supreme Court Justice Russell Nigro's current setback in the polls. The bill has 33 co-sponsors, who have generally made up the Legislature�s main anti-gambling people. Bucks County Se. Robert Tomlinson, head of this group, claims that the public has been knowledgeable about this, and have shown support.
(By Andrea)