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Blackjack Getting More Interesting. 2005-12-04
There is now a new betting option in the Chicago area. This new betting is known as; Casino Surrender. It was recently started by the Blue Chip Casino & Hotel in Michigan City, Ind. Soon it may be at blackjack tables nationwide.
It was recently seen at two tables at the Stardust in Las Vegas last April, and then went to 70 tables at 12 casinos. Since then it has been licensed in Nevada, Indiana and Mississippi. Before the end of the year, it may be at 100 tables at 16 casinos.
Casino Surrender permits the player to force the dealer to surrender. The player can do this one major way; if a player is holding a two-card 20 (10/10 or A/9) and the dealer is showing a 10-value up-card with no ace in the hole. If the player gets a surrender, then he will get 50% if its value without play, and the return of the original wager. It seems like a showdown, and it makes it more rewarding.
(By Andrea)