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Killed At Harrah�s Casino. 2005-12-04
Harrah�s has made headlines, but generally in a positive light. However, yesterday afternoon, their headline was a grim one. Apparently, there was a shootout across the high-stakes player�s lounge in Harrah's Tahoe casino. The result of it was that one man was killed, and two sheriff deputies were injured.
This scare sent gamblers running, though they weren�t in the lounge at the time. The lounge was empty at the time, other than the deceased man, and injured police. The lounge was just off the main casino floor, but the sound scared the other patrons enough to run and leave the area.
Investigators are still trying to determine who fired first, and what the confrontation is about. Currently, they are questioning a woman believed to have accompanied the suspect. The suspect was about 50 years old.
The main casino remained open that evening, with only the crime scene sealed off. Witnesses said the area wasn�t crowded during the shooting. Some heard the sounds around 2 pm, but weren�t sure it was a shooting until others started to run for the door.
(By Andrea)