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Gambler Sues French Online Casino. 2005-12-01
Online casinos are meant to be places to gamble, without flying to places like Las Vegas. Of course some really shouldn�t gamble, because they can�t take responsibility of the issue. This was the case of one gambler at a French online casino.
In France, there is a player that feels a lawsuit needs to come on against the online casino he chose to play at. The reason he is suing the casino is because he lost money there. He believes that his loses are because of the casino, and he wants his money back, and maybe even then some.
44 year-old French gambler, Jean- Philippe Bryk claims the casino he played at is responsible for his personal loss. Yesterday, he officially filed papers in court stating that he feels that the casino is at fault not only that he lost but lost big, and continued without them stopping him from losing his cash.
He originally won some �11,000 on his first two visits ten years ago, but lost nearly �500,000 over the next eight years. He knew what he was doing when he got into it. If he played his hands wrong since that is his own doing. However, he is taking this to court, and things could always swing his way, it�s all a gamble.
(By Andrea)