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Arrested Then Banished From The State. 2005-11-30
A gambling kingpin is in trouble with the law. It seems that this man tried to bribe a policeman. This all was based on his arrest, which took place earlier this month. It was because of this that he faced a stronger charge. He was banished from the state, Malacca under the Emergency Ordinance, just yesterday. He will not be able to return for the next two years.
The kingpin, Ah Thok was arrested at a pub in Jalan Kulim on Nov 13 at about 3 in the morning, for other crimes. On Nov 20 he offered a bribe of RM 20,000 to Seberang Prai Tengah district anti-vice. He was not only arrested for gambling issues, but given a worse charge after he attempted to bribe a secret society division police chief. Inspector Sazalee Adam was that officer that Thok tried to bribe.
When it didn�t seem to be working Thok upped the offer to RM 50,000. This all happened on his way to Seberang Prai Utara district police headquarters. The kingpin was finally arrested, as he has avoided capture for sometime now.
Tan Man Soon, another operator was also banished from the State. The man, under the alias Richard, was arrested while driving home in Seberang Jaya on Nov 11 around 8.10pm. Soon, 48 will spend three years in Maran Pahang.
(By Andrea)