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$3,000 Donation Turned Down Because It Came From A Tribal Casino. 2005-11-29
In a recent shocking story, it was discovered that a tribe, which runs the Casino San Pablo have faced a bit of prejudice. It isn�t the prejudice one thinks of, it was more of the claimed that they were rebuffed for their good efforts, because of the gambling politics.
It seems that the Alameda County food bank turned down the tribe�s $3,000 contribution, just last week, because of politics. The tribe is planning to expand gambling in the area, and have already sent proposals for this. Civilians must know this, and do not want any part, and so to accept the food would be bad politics.
The Lytton Band of Pomo Indians, the tribe, in recent months met with opposition, but nothing ever this severe. It wasn�t so rude, the Food Band called on Thursdays, and in a semi-polite way said something like Thanks, but not thanks. Spokesman Doug Elmets and Director Suzan Bateson say that it wasn�t political, but more practical. Of course she did not really elaborate on what that was, but said something along the lines of, that the casino had an effect on solicitation, and it was bad for them. She said it wasn�t politics, but in the end it seemed, even through her statement, it really was. The tribe was hurt, since they claim they were only trying to do a good thing.
(By Andrea)