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Rape Victim Goes After Casino. 2005-11-24
It was recently reported about a woman who was raped at a casino, and now has a lawsuit against the casino. The woman Dawn Kozik has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Casino Queen in Missouri. The suit claims that they failed to protect her from the rapist, who attacked her there over two years go.
Kozik claimed that some threatening presence was worrying her, and she informed casino personnel. She was eventually raped, and the casino had done nothing to prevent it. The casino in other words had not kept her safe, or its duty of keeping others safe too.
Kozik said that it allowed the future rapist to visit the venue, and attack again. In addition, the casino failed to remove the assailant prior to the attack. Kozik said the casino willfully endangered her life.
According to the complaint filed by Kozik made in St. Clair County, that she suffered physical and emotional injuries. She went forward with the suit following the casino's indifference to the situation. Robert Kozik, Dawn's husband, claimed to have suffered emotional trauma from the incident too. Besides the $1 million compensation, the couple is seeking to collect $25,000 in damages for these complaints, each.
(By Andrea)