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Acting Safe Profession Bet Than Gambling. 2005-11-23
It is very rare to hear of a person, supporting themselves and their partners solely through gambling. This was the case, when one woman won after one bet, and was able to support herself and her partner for a year. British actress, Tilda Swinton was just that lucky. She didn�t need to work, because she was all set.
Swinton, star of the new Disney movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe, finally gave up gambling, but she recalls that it supported her and her partner for a year. Swinton gave up betting on horse racing, which had done this for her, when her twins were born seven years ago. It is unclear why she gave up her winning streak, but she is proud that she made this judgment call and move.
Swinton likes boasting about this, but also says it wasn�t so much, and they had to live cheaply to make it last for a year. She once tried to work with a professional gambler on how to win more money. Swinton wasn�t so lucky again, and wasn�t betting all that high so she couldn�t get that much more. Her statistics weren�t that high.
Swinton decided to go back to what she loves, acting. She is happy to earn her Pounds by doing films again. Swinton is happy to do what she loves, make money, and not worrying about the chance of loosing it to any more betting.
(By Andrea)