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Mistakes Will Be Made and Paid. 2005-11-22
In trying to bring a bit of holiday cheer, Harrah's Joliet Casino sent out coupons to be redeemed and used at their casinos. What may have been meant for $15 or $20 for 11,000 patrons was a different number all together. In fact is was a little higher, and a little more than a big shock, when patrons got them last week.
The $15-$20 was printed as $525 instead as some bizarre combination. The company blames the error on a third-party, but Harrahs may be held responsible. Dozens of gamblers went to the customer service desk on Friday, and that must be how they found out the error. When the customers demanded coupons to be redeemed, they were refused, and they were angry. They got angry when the casino refused to redeem the coupons. Instead when the customers came to the casino, they were encouraged to trade the coupons for reward points instead. Some did, but others decided to keep the evidence.
The Illinois Gaming Board heard of the matter, and had to make a recommendation and ruling. They ruled that Harrah must honor the coupons, despite the mistake, because America stands for the fact that they customer is always right. If they would do this, then the company would be liable for as much as $5.8 million.
(By Andrea)