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Iowa Leader Seeks Support. 2005-11-22
Rep. James Leach, R-Iowa, has never been a fan of online gambling, but never has said something either. Now he finally has, by actively asking for more action. He sent a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives urging more action.
The letter, addressed to members of Congress. It had only one signature, and that was of Leach�s. In the letter, he pointed out the social risks of online casino gambling as well as Leach�s "national security concern." He directed his concerns to the Department of State, of people whose �criminal activities ranging from terrorist financing to tax evasion."
These serious charges, but not too different from Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., who was unable to get his version passed in the Senate during the 108th Congress, in 2004. Kyl has drafted at least two versions of the bill since the 109th Congress in January 2005. Neither tries made any movement, nor further attempts were even heard.
If Kyl couldn�t do this Leach doesn�t stand a chance. However, both men are expected to continue this fight until one of them gets heard. Kyl is expected to try again in January.
(By Andrea)