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Police Need To Go Back To The Academy. 2005-11-13
Police officers in Baltimore, Maryland have quoted the wrong statute during an arrest. They arrested poker players at a poker room last week, and charged them with the �keep, rent, use, or occupy� claim, they couldn�t do all these things in a public building. Instead the police should have quoted the law prohibiting �bet, wager or gamble.� It is because of this they can not be charged on the latter issue.
This all took place at Owl's Nest club. It was raided on Nov. 2, leading to the arrest of 95 people and the seizure of more than $25,600 in cash. Thousands of poker chips, decks of cards, liquor and beer were among the other items taken. The police called it the biggest gambling bust in Baltimore since the time of Prohibition.
Dealers, bartenders, waitresses, and those who organized the event, were not part of those taken in. When they made their statement on why people in the building were being arrested it became the official charge. At that point the real charge could not be enacted. In the end the police made the mistake, and the poker players got off without any future charges to their record.
(By Andrea)