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UK Casinos Have Had A Boost. 2005-11-13
In the past five weeks, the UK has seen more that 100,000 visitors. The reason for this is because Britain put a stop to strict regulations when it came to casino entry. This is just the boost they need, as by 2009 there will be 17 new casino sites ready for business and customers.
Previously, new casino visitors had to register 24-hours in advance before entering and playing at a casino. This law has now been dissolved. After that people were able to go to the casinos as they wished, when they wished. Casino operators are pleased, while anti-gambling groups believe that gambling addiction will increase.
More UK casinos continue to open, and by 2007 they will be able to advertise. This will be the first time they will be able to do so, and boost even more business in their minds. Casino adverts will be limited according to a code of conduct. This conduct will be drawn up by the Gambling Commission, and ready to go by 2007.
(By Andrea)