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Conduct Law Enacted In New Zealand. 2005-11-10
The Dunedin Casino may be the first casino in New Zealand to get their license suspended. This new development comes under a new legislation that was introduced last year. It turned out that a gambler at the casino had lost $5 million, some of which was stolen, and this occurred over the past two years.
Christine Marie Keenan was put in prison in December for a term of three years after stealing $500,000. She took this money, but it was done in order to fuel her gambling habit. It is because of her that a new gambling law has been put in place.
The law requires that casinos must take action to control their environments. They must minimize the harm caused by gambling. So far this is the only casino that has been suspended.
In order to redeem themselves they took the opportunity to review to the new law, and adjust themselves to it. However, they will be served with a notice for the suspension that will give them 20 working days to file a written submission and request a hearing. Internal Affairs has requested that the Dunedin casino be suspended, so that they can be an example for others that there will be a non-tolerance rule for such activities. The casino of course stands to fight against the suspension.
(By Andrea)