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Looking For Places To Set Up House. 2005-11-07
Gambling in Philadelphia may be one step closer. It seems that the city's commission has chosen for one of ht e possible sites for the construction slot parlors. This city is high on the possibility list.
Some of the places they have ruled out discussing are; the 8th Market, and Penn�s Landing. There are too many problems with these places. The 8th Market may end up being too small, and Penn's Landing is the area's a symbol of the city, which shouldn�t be destroyed.
The task force is recommending 11 sites, which will in the end be the home to 2 casinos. They will be built in areas across town from each other. Some of the better possibilities are; North Delaware Avenue, or the Navy Yard.
Casinos could bring big bucks into the city. They are may create up to 1,000 construction jobs and around 7,000 to 12,000 jobs. The task force's recommendations aren't binding but the mayor's expected to take this all into consideration. He will keep this in mind as he discuses this insight with casino developers who've expressed interest in the city.
(By Andrea)