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Warning Against Gambling On Military Bases. 2005-11-01
Tony Perkins has a main concern about gambling, particularly on military bases. It because of this that he is warning all about the damaging effects of gambling outlets on U.S. military bases. He calls believe it is a menace to society, but more so when it comes to army gambling.
It seems that an estimated 8,000 slot machines are located on U.S. bases around the world. Perkins says that these gambling devices may be making money for more of those military installations. He says that it is all a disservice to a population, which will come back fro war with so many problems, lack of money from a gambling habit is not one that is wanted, or lack there after habit and debit after returning.
Those members of the military that are coming back to the U.S are coming back because of their problems. They are coming back because the military is not equipped to handle gambling addiction, so they send them back in disgrace. It is because of this that they have an addiction to begin with, but are being punished for it from the other side. The health service s are just not read y to handle such a problem.
Not only do they discharge them, but dishonorably, not matter what they may have done in the war. It�s a shame, but that is the way it has been going for sometimes now. It is worse when they go home for the families that have to suffer, and live with that disgrace.
The FRC spokesman notes, that slot machines and bingo have provided millions of dollars in income for military bases. Of course they admit that is because of this that they are addicted. He feels bad that the companies are benefiting from this, encouraging this, and then put their forces and families in jeopardy afterwards. Perkins hopes to take this all to Congress to make a wrong a right. Gambling doesn�t need to be on military bases, men weapons, and war does.
(By Andrea)