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East Shawnee Tribes Crossing Fingers with Casino in Monroe 2005-11-01
Ohio has been under the microscope for sometime now about the issue of casinos there, particularly in Monroe Ohio. To solve this issue they will have to take up Issue 11, which will determine if the government will enter into an intergovernmental agreement with East Shawnee tribe leaders. The agreement will allow them to build a casino. This issue will appear on Monroe ballots in November. Both opponents and supporters are curious to know if something will happen in little old Ohio.
Six council members have voted already to allow this agreement. Some supporters are part of this as a buffer, without stating personal points of views. Casino opponents, on the other feel that by voting no to this measure will show their politics, as well as their position on the council's approval of the agreement.
The Shawnee Tribe will not build in and area where there is no local support. The council's vote, which was 6-1, shows that they do support it for the most part. However, the casino fate will be based on the final city vote, where everyone, not just a council will be heard.
(By Andrea)