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Gaming Investigators Take Supervisor Down. 2005-10-31
A former surveillance supervisor at Caesars Atlantic City claims that he is innocent. The man says he is innocent of spying on women. He says the proof in on the videotape.
State gaming investigators are using the same 11-minute tape as the main piece of evidence against Robert Swan. The defense and the prosecution are using the same tape to prove innocence or guilt. Swan is the worker, who is accused of spying on women.
In his defense, Swan said last week, he did nothing wrong. He was only working the graveyard shift on Oct. 3, 2004. That was the same night he allegedly trained his cameras on the breasts of one Caesars employee, and spied at other women in the casino.
During his testimony, Swan narrated the video while his attorney, John M. Donnelly showed it. The attorney replayed key sections of the tape to allow Swan to explain his actions. The man is not alone in this case, as James Doherty is also fighting these charges.
Both are fighting the spying charges in a Casino Control Commission hearing that started last week. The second part of the hearing is scheduled to resume Nov. 9. Both men, if convicted, could have their gaming licenses suspended or revoked in a civil case.
The Division of Gaming Enforcement, which is prosecuting the case, claims these men along with two other former surveillance workers at Caesars weren�t doing their jobs. Instead they were leering at women's breasts and buttocks during the graveyard shifts of Oct 1-3, 2004. Word on the other workers is unclear, but if something is brewing with them, they may suffer the same fate if convicted.
(By Andrea)