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Smoking and Gambling An Issue. 2005-10-26
The issue of smoking has been a problem for sometimes now, when it comes don�t to drinking or gambling in public places, some more public cities than others. This is especially true for the City of Yorkton, and a downtown casino. Now they are trying to figure out a solution for this issue, and allow smoking back in.
Rumor has it that a deal in the works for helping the city, who has banned smoking in public places, may negotiate that if even slightly. They do say that if the rule passes, it will also be applied at the Painted Hand Casino as well. The casino is on an urban reserve from the Sakimay First Nation. Sakimay says it has its own regulation, this allows smoking in the designated areas only.
Yorkton filed a lawsuit claiming its contract was being violated. The sides were heading to court over the issue, when the idea of a potential settlement arose, and now may be in the works.
(By Sammy)