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Woman Complains Of Sexual Harassment Behavior At Police Station. 2005-10-20
A 27 year old woman complained to Bombo Radyo, that a policeman undressed her in front of other policemen at Station 1 when she was brought in. She was arrested for operating "pangka-pangka." The woman from Aklan reported the incident to her area�s Bombo Radyo, where it was picked up by Bombo Radyo Bacolod this past week.
In her complaint, the woman said she was brought by SPO1 Arnold Vasquez to Police Station 1 for questioning after the policeman's wife lost P2,000 in "pangka-pangka." Vasquez, assigned at the City Anti-Illegal Special Operation Task Group (CAID-SOTG), failed to bring in the woman's companions. All this occurred over the past weekend.
In "pangka-pangka,� one bets on one of the three overturned cup or bowls that they believe has the pebble under it. It is a game of skill and memory. The game is one many can loss at since it is that of skill.
The woman, who ran the show, alleged that when she was brought in, she was undressed by a policeman in front of five personnel of Police Station 1. One policeman was SPO1 Mario Escotan, the case investigator. Escotan denied the woman's allegations, and is willing to cooperate.
Police Station 1 commander Edel Jose Manzano, stood by his men, and said the woman was lying. Manzano assured that the downtown areas of Bacolod City are safe for everyone. Even despite the occasional petty crimes, all are treated well.
(By Andrea)