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Sheriff Investigators Raid Stores. 2005-10-20
About a week ago Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators raided four stores, seizing 15 video gambling machines. The machine owners say they are suing the State of Georgia over the law outlawing their products. They believe that these items should not have been seized.
According to stickers on these machines, they belong to Greater Georgia Amusements. A law firm representing the Amusements has a lawsuit in Cobb County against the State. The suit claims that their machines are "coin operated video game amusement devices." They also say that because of these claims their machines should not be seized until that lawsuit end is determined.
Dougherty D. A. Ken Hodges does not concur with their argument. He says it is as illegal not matter what, and he is prepared to keep on the case. He plans to prosecute the store owners and put them in jail, if need be. Hodges says he can not believe the amusement company continues to put their video gambling machines in stores. He said any found will be seized without question.
(By Andrea)