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Educating Vegas Casino Employees. 2005-10-17
The MGM Mirage, Harrah�s Entertainment, Boyd Gaming, and the Las Vegas Sands have donated funds to Harvard Medical School to help finance a new casino employee education program. The program will be to help gambling addiction. Employees from Vegas casinos can come to the school for a two and a half-day crash course on the subject matter.
At Harvard they will learn from the nation�s experts to help identify addicts, and how to help them. Andrew F. Abboud, Vice President of Government Relations and Community Development at the Venetian say that this is a step to do more. They want to promote responsible gaming.
The casinos are trying to do their best to help addicts. It seems not to be consistent with that they are trying to do. Essentially they are trying to make money, and unfortunately that is mostly off the backs of these addicts. They are trying to do better these days, to make gambling fun, and responsible. They are starting with donating money to programs, and now helping staff help pin point addicts, and help them stop from going over board.
(By Andrea)