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Florida Waiting For Casino Gambling. 2005-10-16
Voters since last year's approval of a constitutional amendment to create casinos in Florida have been waiting for it all to come true. They may get a chance to see that happen, as the issue is up for voting discussion again. The interest is high, but two counties are yet to vote in favor to make it really happen.
The state awaits the voting outcomes for pari-mutuel facilities in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. If they approve it, the whole state wins. The kicker is that this would also apply to seven gambling facilities run by Indian tribes throughout the state.
Lawmakers have yet to agree on what kind of gambling to permit. High stakes, and slots are just part of the discussions, if it would go through. House Speaker Allan Bense and Senate President Tom Lee have pull to get the issue back on the table.
The fact of the matter is these men are not optimistic about this issue. Voters are not clear about the gambling amendment, so it is as if it doesn�t exist for them. Bense and Lee are abusing their responsibilities, and other politicians feel its time to let the people decide too.
(By Andrea)