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Problem Gamblers Get a Kick From Former Footie Star. 2005-10-10
Former AFL player David Schwarz has done endorsements in his time, but this time his voice will come to help those in need. Schwarz, who played 173 games for the Melbourne Demons will back the 3.3 Million campaign to help problem gamblers. This is a problem he, himself already faced, so this is something he is willing to back. Help others who were in the same position he was some time ago.
Schwarz believes that identifying that one has a problem first is the key to seeking, and finding help and a way to recovery. It is a hard thing to do, and something Schwarz is no stranger to. He desperately wants to help others, like they did for him.
The campaign, which will begin screening on television this week, is designed to target gamblers before they hit rock bottom. Gaming Minister John Pandazopoulos added that 2.1% of the population have a gambling problem, 4% risk reaching that level. The campaign is partly centered on that research.
The campaign will examine behaviors to show what the warning signs are. Signs such as; mostly thinking about gaming, gambling alone, betting more than what one has, and hiding gambling habits from loved ones. Victoria has had issues with gambling for sometime now; they are now finding the balance for gambling, but responsible gambling.
Pandazopoulos will launch the new campaign meant for television, radio, press and billboard advertisements. From 2002 to 2005 the Victorian Government helped with the $56.2 million given for problem gambling services. Victorians had lost $2.4 billion on gaming machines in 2004-05. The chairman of the Interchurch Gambling Taskforce, John Dalziel, this was all a great idea but overdue.
(By Andrea)