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Gaining A Following With the New Anti- Gambling Drug. 2005-10-09
In the past few years LSU Health Sciences Center has been doing research, but now they seem done with that. They discovered and tested a drug that would help gamblers deal with their addictions. It was going smoothly, until now when they decided to quit.
The center has finally had to cut off compulsive gamblers from this drug they gave them. The department was filled with those interested in volunteering after they saw a television ad. Many compulsive gamblers showed up in desperate situations. They came to escape from problems or paying debts, or running from authorities, since they committed illegal acts to finance gambling.
Dr. Anita Kablinger, Director of the Psychopharmacology Research Unit, said they were overwhelmed with the project; obviously there are many who need the help. The study wants to start anew with new people, since the drug is closer to being put on the market. Shreveport is just one of the five sites where the testing will take place.
The Finnish company running the study is proud of where they have come. It's estimated that 5% of gamblers are addicted, and 7% of gamblers have had a problem at some point. Kablinger believes that drugs are not the whole solution, they go well with counseling.
(By Andrea)