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Hold Up On Ship Doesn�t Hold Back Customers. 2005-10-06
Freeport cruise ship casino was robbed last week, but visitors weren�t shaken. Five masked robbers took $100,000 from the ship, but regulars came back the next day. They came back to play normally.
Nassau police and witnesses say five men ran out of a dark gray Oldsmobile around 7:35 p.m. Saturday. This occurred just as the cruise ship was about to depart from the Nautical Mile dock. One of the men put a gun to the owner's back, forcing him on board.
Gary Gelman, the owner of Majesty Casino said the three other gunmen made their way to the ship's bank, and while pointing a gun to the cashier's head. This done all to force her to open the casino's safe. While money was taken, no one was hurt.
There were about four to six thieves, with at least three of them carrying guns, according to witness and police accounts. Gelman said he though the thieves were prepared, because they knew where the two safes were, and when the cashier would be around them. Despite this there were no arrests made.
Gelman is working with the Freeport Police Department. He hopes to get an officer assigned to the parking lot near by, and another one on the ship. While no one was shaken, they said this was the time to gamble. After all, after a criminal incident, more security is inevitable, so now is the time to say, �All Aboard� again.
(By Andrea)