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Atlantic City Casinos Lure Gamblers with Gifts 2006-05-16
Big casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey have embarked on a war of seduction for new would-be gamblers.
They are hoping to attract people who have never even set foot inside a casino with dazzling offers. Everywhere you look when driving into Atlantic City, you are bombarded with offers on the billboards. People who walk in off the streets into the Sands Casino Hotel for the first time are offered a scratch card with the value of at least $10 after they sign up for the slot club and start playing, others offer double or triple cash back from first time slot players, and all sorts of clothing offers such as baseball caps, t-shirts and jackets with the casino logo.
The best incentive noted was offered by the Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort. They offered to refund everything first time gamblers lost in their casino slots on the first day. A generous deal as the limit was fairly high. The refund came in the form of coupons to be redeemed on three separate visits.
These are smart moves on the part of the casinos hoping to lure customers away from the competition. It appears to be working but not everybody is happy. Loyal customers who are established in the casinos are not given any incentives to stay.
(By Suki)