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Casinos Can�t Afford Employees To Remain At Their Casinos. 2005-09-27
Harrah's Entertainment and MGM Mirage have been known for the care that they give to their employees. They have been especially generous to them in times of crisis, since the Hurricanes have swept through the Gulf Coast, where they have casinos. They choose to give all their employees three months of pay and benefits following disaster. This is only specific to them, since other casinos in the area will have to finally let people go.
The former employees of the Copa Casino reported having received termination letters along with their final paycheck, not this week, but on the day Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. The casino�s executive claimed that due to the fact they are not a big company they have limited funds, and couldn�t follow suit like the big hitters.
The casino's current debt payments are due soon, and the casino will not be able to use insurance money to cover these debts. Treasure Bay Casino and Silver Slipper Casino, two other local casinos also did the same. It is not clear what action the employees will take if any considering the circumstances.
(By Andrea)