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All Gambling May Be Regulated in Iowa. 2005-09-26
Iowa lawmakers are concerned with the future of gambling in their state. They were so concerned that they met to discuss issues on gambling�s present, and future in the state of Iowa. They have great casinos, but have issues with addicts.
They hope that their new plans will help find information on their gambling addicts, so they can help treat them. They want the idea to still be fun, but not out of control. So addicts are and it is hurting themselves, their families, and finances.
The lawmakers have additionally expressed worries about regulation of gambling devices, and electronic equipment. They are afraid that the average citizen will not know the difference thinking all is legal, when some actually aren�t. Too much of that may lead the Iowans gambling illegally at home.
Iowa currently has 13 state-licensed casinos, 10 riverboats and three racetracks. There are additionally two Native American casinos and four more state-licensed riverboats on their way in the next two years. During the last fiscal year, the sites brought in 19.7 million visits and had revenues of $1 billion.
Lawmakers are trying to additionally make illegitimate play legitimate. That will mean at all bars, convenience stores and other businesses with liquor licenses, where there are currently 6,928 mechanical gambling devices. State officials are trying to make things legal.
Instead of eradicating it all they are hoping to make it all legal because they depend on gambling to help pay for state issues. They encourage positive reward of gambling, and want to keep it that way. Legislators will address all issues to make this all possible in regulating more gaming to the area.
(By Andrea)